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Bespoke and handmade furniture are truly expressions of the character of a home and its owners.The great fun is that our made-to-measure furniture makes the best use of every corner, in a way that is both functional and beautiful.

In houseUP we make London homes unique with our bespoke joinery, with the perfect combination of style, materials and designs.

Shoreditch Penthouse Book Shelves Custome Made Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Copper Brackets

What is bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is any piece of cabinetry, wardrobes, shelves, cupboards made to measure to fit in your home.

Bespoke furniture is often the best option for storage space. In our workshop we  create bespoke wardrobes, cupboards and cabinets, shelves, media walls and any other piece of furniture that perfectly adapts to the existing space.

Odd corners are a typical example, spaces where the ceiling height varies are another common case.

For people who want to make their home a truly unique living space, a bespoke kitchen is a great feature. With special materials and shapes and an endless choice of finishes, colours and shapes, our designers will help you navigate all the options.
From hinges to handles, from the shape of the basin to the position of the breakfast space, a custom made kitchen is the most flexible option for results that perfectly fit with your requirements.

Shoreditch Penthouse Custome Made Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Shelves with Copper Brackets

Materials and Finishes

With an excellent design and the right choice of materials, bespoke joinery makes everything possible.

But the greatest boosters of creativity come with the choice of finishing. Colours and textures play with light and the human eye, to create infinite combinations.

Bespoke fitted furniture

Bespoke fitted furniture is perfect to make the best use of every corner of your home, so that the new pieces are functional and contribute to create your favourite interior design combination.

With handmade and made to measure furniture, you can recreate the staircase in a period building, when the original cannot be restored to satisfaction. This way you have a perfect new staircase while keeping the original character of a house.

For odd corners and spaces that are difficult to keep tidy, you can choose cabinets made to measure, to fit perfectly in the space. Internally they can be fitted with shelves, drawers, hanging rails, while the external panel can be designed and fitted to any style.

In our Greenwich townhouse full renovation project, we replaced the original staircase with a perfect replica, reusing the original winding handrail that runs uninterrupted from the ground floor to the third. For the basement, the classic Crittall style wall is mixed with understair cabinets in different glossy colours. The style mix makes the basement brighter and lighter, while the rigorous geometric shapes keep the look tidy and relaxing to the eye.

Sprayed MDF under stair cabinet doors, painted with a 10% sheen paint mix for a bright 80’s style finish

511 Crittal Wall Bespoke Cabinets Basement House Renovation Greenwich

Bespoke staircase in softwood where we managed to retain the original handrail, fully restored and treated with Danish oil

Greenwich Bespoke Furniture Custom Made Staircase Softwood Unfinished Detail
Greenwich Bespoke Furniture Custom Made Staircase Softwood Unfinished Detail Closeup

Bespoke bedroom furniture

With bespoke joinery solutions, you are able to use all the space in the bedrooms, adding the preferred look to the room.

Everything is made to measure, and the internal fittings are designed exactly for what you need. You can have wardrobes using the full height of the room, and create storage solutions inside so that even the tallest slot is easy to reach. With pull down mechanisms or bespoke mini ladders that can be stored inside the wardrobe itself, all the content of your wardrobe is within reach, from items you use everyday to the big suitcase for long well deserved holidays abroad.

With the choice of finishing, you can give your preferred character to each bedroom. The doors can be perfectly symmetrical, in light colours and handles perfectly spaced for a classic style. Or you can choose doors and mechanisms to add to the style of a bedroom.

For the renovation of a penthouse in an original warehouse in Shoreditch, our clients chose an industrial yet modern character for their two bedroom flat. In the bedrooms, we fitted full height and full width wardrobes, with doors covered with heavy patinated zinc and a barn door mechanism, in perfect tune with the industrial style of the flat. The solution for the doors gives full access to the internal space and adds a modern sleek touch to the wardrobe.

There could not be more contrast with the sleek style of the wardrobes we made for our full townhouse refurbishment in Greenwich, where the oak handles add a touch of movement to the clean white surface of the doors.

Reclaimed timber panels for a fitted wardrobe, covered in heavy patinated zinc for an industrial look and running on a barn door suspension mechanism

Shoreditch penthouse - custom made wardrobe made with upcycled salvaged timber

Shaker design doors for the fitted wardrobe in the bedroom, MDF panels and spray paint

Greenwich Bespoke Wardrobe MDF Panels Spray Painted

Bespoke wardrobes

houseUP wardrobe makers use different materials and can realise any furniture design. Wardrobes can take all shapes and forms, and can express a wide range of textures, materials, colours. Especially when they are open and without doors, it’s even more evident how beauty and functionality can meet in the perfect sweet spot.

Mixing different metals and wood grains, you can give shape to contemporary wardrobes, or you can obtain an industrial look. Simple smooth sections and a white finish can be perfect for big spaces in period buildings.

For a bespoke joinery project in Knightsbridge, our client chose a super classic wood finish, made contemporary with the perfect use of LED lighting and metal details.

Same materials, wood and metal, but a completely different result for the bespoke walk-in we created for our penthouse renovation project in Aldgate.  The dark wood of the drawers and shelves give a vintage character to this wardrobe, while the tubular metal structure and the completely open sections add the industrial touch to this perfect design.

Melamine and traditional oak for a walk in wardrobe with a contemporary style with a super classic feel

Knightsbridge walk in bespoke wardrobe
Knightsbridge Custom Made Besppoke Furniture Walk In Wardrobe Drawers

Solid wood and tubular metal details for the shelving and the drawer handles give a vintage industrial feel to this contemporary bespoke walk-in wardrobe

1191 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate walk in wardrobe industrial design
1179 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate antique cabinets yellow armchairs
1188 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate industrial design open wardrobe

Bespoke fitted kitchen

An open plan kitchen is often the room where you spend most of your day. We spend so many hours in our kitchens, working from home during the day, chilling on the sofa in the evenings and during weekends, in small flats or large houses.

Especially in London, where open plan kitchens are often the layout of choice, a bespoke handmade kitchen is a preferred option for kitchen renovations.

There is no limit to what skilled furniture makers can create. Contemporary or classic style, innovative materials or traditional wood finish, there is a wide choice of colours and textures to make a kitchen truly bespoke and unique.

For our project in Aldgate our clients chose a bespoke kitchen with a metal spray finish. Very modern and sleek in style, it has a post industrial aesthetic that fits perfectly with the exposed brick wall. The copper shade creates a continuous colour pattern with the wall and the reclaimed tiles. The result is a kitchen that functional and sleek, and yet warm and welcoming.

Metal sprayed doors and carcasses for a bespoke kitchen with an industrial yet sophisticated finish

1226 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate bespoke kitchen copper cabinets
1235 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate copper kitchen cabinets natural stone splashback
_A7A9180 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate closeup detail kitchen table

What is our process for building your bespoke furniture?


In houseUP we work with our clients starting at any stage.

You can choose to consult with us since the very beginning, when you are still exploring ideas and you want to make sure you are making the right choice in bespoke luxury furniture.

At this stage, we can answer all the questions you have on bespoke fitted furniture, discuss the materials and their characteristics, explain all the options for the right furniture design and cabinet makers.

If you contact us when you already have a bespoke furniture project with drawings, and you are willing to move forward, we will give you a detailed quote with the breakdown of all the costs for material, labour and installation.

We also provide references to our clients on request.


If you don’t have a bespoke furniture design already, we can introduce you to the best designers for your budget and your time plan.

We have specialised designers for very specific bespoke joinery work, like specialised kitchen designers, specialists in storage solutions for small odd spaces, designers with experience in big period houses etc.

We always include at least two revisions of our designs in our standard process


Understand all the materials and the finishes, choose the right weight, texture and durability and make it perfect with the final finish that completes your interior decor


Our workshop in North London is constantly in motion, creating all the little details that make your furniture unique. We regularly upgrade and expand our machinery, with joiner teams that include three generations of joiners.

All the furniture that comes out of our workshop is handmade. This means every set is unique for our clients.


We usually quote against final drawings, especially if by external designers. If you choose to design with us, the design cost is included in our pricing. We take a deposit when you place your final production order.


Our expert installers will carry out the installation of your custom made furniture. We install full kitchens, fitted wardrobes, shutters, shelvings and also doors, windows and anything else you can think of.

We always plan together and share our schedule with the clients when the moment of installation comes. Sometimes a little disruption can be expected, especially with bigger installations.

Kitchens typically can take up to 2 or 3 days for the installation to be complete. If you want to make plans to start using your kitchen, remember that some work to connect plumbing and electrics must be done after the installation, too.

In general, items of bespoke furniture can usually be installed in a day.

For all type of installation of handmade furniture, a little preparation onsite will be needed. Our teams will take care of everything, possibly visiting the installation site in advance to make sure everything is ready. We will also supply ironmongery, LED strips, lights, mechanisms etc or, if you prefer to supply yourself, we will advise on the best options for your installation.


Other services

If you are planning an overall renovation of your property, we specialise in high end residential refurbishments in London and we’d love to help you give your place a makeover.

Wardrobe Design Greenwich


Environmental challenges

In houseUP we particularly care about the environmental challenges of our work, especially considering our bigger renovation and refurbishment projects.

When possible, we give new life to reclaimed and up-cycled objects and materials. When working with new timber, we select the most reliable sources.

Most of all, we believe in sustainability and the right for families and local people, everywhere, to support themselves and their families for a fair profit. That is why we choose local producers when possible and select small businesses that are environmentally conscious.

With our digital vocation, we believe in using AI, Automation and APIs to support our sustainability journey. houseUP has been carbon neutral since October 2020, in partnership with Equilibrium.

Get in touch

If custom made furniture is part of your property renovation project, if you need some bespoke furniture made,  if you are just want to understand what you could possibly realise with custom made furniture, we are the right team for you. And even if you are just looking for inspiration and advice, give us a call.