Bespoke Furniture Makers London – Handcrafted furniture by houseUP

Bespoke and handmade furniture are truly expressions of the character of a home and its owners.The great fun is that our made-to-measure furniture makes the best use of every corner, in a way that is both functional and beautiful.

In houseUP we make London homes unique with our bespoke joinery, with the perfect combination of style, materials and designs.

Chiswick - Finger groove for wardrobe in contrasting timber colour and texture

What is bespoke furniture?

houseUP creates more than just custom built furniture, made to specifications.

We create bespoke furniture through a true connection with our clients and their needs and wants. Be it a big kitchen or a small under-stair cabinet, the real value of our furniture is in creating storage and beauty for your very special place.

Greenwich Library Design

What is our process for building your bespoke furniture?


Get in touch from the very start or get us your designer’s drawings for a quote. If you come to us from the start, you’ll get a reliable ballpark figure on the costs at a very early stage.


For the odd corner in the guest bedroom or the under stair space in the hallway, design is when we find solutions for storage and interior design, in one. We always include at least two revisions of our designs.


Understand all the materials and the finishes, choose the right weight, texture and durability and make it perfect with the final finish that completes your interior decor


Our workshop in North London is constantly in motion, creating all the little details that make your furniture unique. We regularly upgrade and expand our machinery, with joiner teams that include three generations of joiners.


We usually quote against final drawings, especially if by external designers. If you choose to design with us, the design cost is included in our pricing. We take a deposit when you place your final production order.


Our expert installers will carry out the installation of your custom made furniture. We install full kitchens, fitted wardrobes, shutters, shelvings and also doors, windows and anything else you can think of.

Other services

If you are planning an overall renovation of your property, we specialise in high end residential refurbishments in London and we’d love to help you give your place a makeover.

Wardrobe Design Greenwich

Materials and Finishes

With an excellent design and the right choice of materials, bespoke joinery makes everything possible.

But the greatest boosters of creativity come with the choice of finishing. Colours and textures play with light and the human eye, to create infinite combinations.

Sprayed MDF under stair cabinet doors, painted with a 10% sheen paint mix for a bright 80’s style finish

511 Crittal Wall Bespoke Cabinets Basement House Renovation Greenwich

Bespoke staircase in softwood with a unique reclaimed handrail, fully restored and treated with Danish oil

Greenwich Bespoke Furniture Custom Made Staircase Softwood Unfinished Detail
Greenwich Bespoke Furniture Custom Made Staircase Softwood Unfinished Detail Closeup

Shaker design doors for the fitted wardrobe in the bedroom, MDF panels and spray paint

Greenwich Bespoke Wardrobe MDF Panels Spray Painted

Reclaimed timber panels for a fitted wardrobe, covered in heavy patinated zinc for an industrial look and running on a barn door suspension mechanism

Shoreditch penthouse - custom made wardrobe made with upcycled salvaged timber

Metal sprayed doors and carcasses for a bespoke kitchen with an industrial yet sophisticated finish

1226 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate bespoke kitchen copper cabinets
1235 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate copper kitchen cabinets natural stone splashback
_A7A9180 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate closeup detail kitchen table

Melamine and traditional oak for a walk in wardrobe with a contemporary style with a super classic feel

Knightsbridge walk in bespoke wardrobe
Knightsbridge Custom Made Besppoke Furniture Walk In Wardrobe Drawers

Sprayed MDF panels for a super bright and airy feeling for the library corner

Greenwich Bespoke Library Bookshelves 623-Ground-floor-library-herringbone-parquet-Greenwich-town-house-with-basement-renovation

Reclaimed oak and handmade copper details for the sitting room and the kitchen shelves, for an industrial yet very light feel

Shoreditch Penthouse Custome Made Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Shelves with Copper Brackets
Shoreditch Penthouse Book Shelves Custome Made Bespoke Reclaimed Wood Copper Brackets

Environmental challenges

In houseUP we particularly care about the environmental challenges of our work, especially considering our bigger renovation and refurbishment projects.

When possible, we give new life to reclaimed and up-cycled objects and materials. When working with new timber, we select the most reliable sources.

Most of all, we believe in sustainability and the right for families and local people, everywhere, to support themselves and their families for a fair profit. That is why we choose local producers when possible and select small businesses that are environmentally conscious.

With our digital vocation, we believe in using AI, Automation and APIs to support our sustainability journey. houseUP has been carbon neutral since October 2020, in partnership with Equilibrium.

Get in touch

If custom made furniture is part of your property renovation project, if you need some bespoke furniture made,  if you are just want to understand what you could possibly realise with custom made furniture, we are the right team for you. And even if you are just looking for inspiration and advice, give us a call.