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houseUP is a construction company in London, specialised in high end residential and commercial projects.

Our construction experience in London includes adding storeys to Victorian blocks of flats in conservation areas, new builds for private homes and small blocks of flats, extensions, loft conversions, basements in listed buildings, conversions from office to residential and more.

Our projects are managed following a successfully tested process, designed to assign the perfect team for each construction project.

We work with highly specialised sub-contractors and tradespeople, to use the construction team with the right experience. For basements, loft conversions, extensions, renovations, fittings, you will always get the right team for you.

We partner with architecture firms to provide planning and design services, so that you will work with the right professional, from a straightforward planning permission to more complex planning applications.

For the construction, each project is assigned a dedicated project manager plus a structural engineer, fully covered by professional indemnity insurance, to make sure the structural design is implemented correctly.

Our structural engineers can also optimise the structure in progress, when changes are required during the works, at no additional cost.

How we work

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The team


Vinz is the CEO and co-founder, with years of experience in the mobile and digital payment industries. He is a visionary who is able to translate the most innovative thinking into concrete actions.
Vincenzo is the key holder of the bridge between digital innovation and construction operations and the greatest customer champion.
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Gen is managing director and chief of digital strategy with a background in the tech start-up industry. She is dynamic, ingenious and charismatic. She leads the company’s business strategy and the action plans to make it real.
Gen drives the digital roadmap and makes sure day-to-day decisions are always aligned with the business objectives.
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Luca is a construction architect with almost 10 years of experience and is one of our construction managers. He is passionate, determined and loves a challenge. Driven and motivated, Luca is always focused on solutions rather than problems. His natural talent and his experience make him the perfect project director.
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Aidan is one of our project directors, with over 12 years experience in the industry. He has directed large scale multi-million pound schemes as well as bespoke residential projects. He is a great communicator with the amazing ability to understand the clients’ dreams and make them happen.


Marwan is a construction project manager and a UCL educated Civil Engineer, specialised in Environmental Systems and engineering Management, with experience in Dubai and London. Marwan is positive, energetic and supportive, with a great eye for details. He is organised, focused and has a special talent to see the bigger picture in everything he does.


Davide is in charge of Operations and Logistics for our projects. He works closely with project and site managers to coordinate activities on-site with everything else: orders, deliveries, special equipment, permits, and more.
He is an excellent communicator, he also contributes to marketing, networking and event planning, and makes our days so much easier.

Our Story

We created houseUP to bring quality and value in construction, at competitive prices. Because we’ve been on the other side and we know how painful it can be if you choose the wrong people for your construction project.

We are dynamic and ambitious professionals with a fresh approach to the construction business. That's what we call intelligent construction.

We are different and we make a difference.

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