Our construction experience in London includes adding storeys to Victorian blocks of flats in conservation areas, new builds for private homes and small blocks of flats, extensions, loft conversions, basements in listed buildings, conversions from office to residential and more. 

We work with highly specialised sub-contractors and tradespeople, to use the construction team with the right experience. For basements, loft conversions, extensions, renovations, fittings, you will always get the right team for you.

We partner with architecture firms to provide planning and design services, so that you will work with the right professional, from a straightforward planning permission to more complex planning applications.

Partners You Can Trust
Partners You Can Trust 

Create a spectacular place with us on your side

Highly Specialised Competence
Highly Specialised Competence 

The right specialist for every detail

Defying The Industry Reputation
Defying The Industry Reputation 

Enjoy the same quality of service you demand in all aspects of your life

Homes That Stay Beautiful
Homes That Stay Beautiful 

Places for your family to enjoy for many years

We Do What We Say
We Do What We Say 

See the plan, control what happens and leave the liabilities with us



houseUP estimates the costing of your project using a scientific approach

  • get an estimation generated with specialised software and professional supervision
  • receive a quotation that breaks down every single cost detail
  • understand what is and isn’t included in your quote
  • monitor and review the cost of materials and finishes
  • enjoy our full no-surprise guarantee on the final cost
  • Learn 8 interesting facts a good construction estimate takes into account from our Infographic
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houseUP introduces creativity in structural design to change the way you think about construction

  • optimise the structural details during the works
  • verify the solidity of the materials in real time
  • adapt to the actual status of the elements while they are exposed
  • save money with an intelligent use of steel and timber
  • increase light and usable space with the latest materials and solutions
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houseUP takes on your project and delivers on time, with competence, attention, experience and care

  • choose high quality Italian kitchens at affordable prices
  • buy the best tiles and fittings directly from the manufacturers
  • use specialised workers for fitting and finishing
  • get first class details in every corner of your home
  • enjoy high quality results beyond the “on-time and in-budget” slogans
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houseUP uses digital technology to innovate the world of construction

  • gain visibility and control of the works for your project
  • understand all the phases and follow the progress
  • review pictures and videos of each site visit
  • ask questions in context about project details
  • track conversations on past phases of the work
  • monitor the schedule of works in detail
  • control the budget consumption compared to the cost breakdown
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CEO and co-founder

Vinz is the CEO and co-founder, with years of experience in the mobile and digital payment industries. He is a visionary who is able to translate the most innovative thinking into concrete actions. Vincenzo is the key holder of the bridge between digital innovation and construction operations and the greatest customer champion.



Chief of Strategy and Marketing

Gen is managing director and chief of digital strategy at houseUP. She has a background in information security and product management in tech startups.



Senior Construction Director

Luca is our senior construction managers with more than 10 years of experience in construction on and off site . He is passionate, determined and loves a challenge. Driven and motivated, Luca is always focused on solutions rather than problems. His natural talent and his experience make him the perfect project director.



Project Director

Aidan is a project director, with over 12 years experience in the industry. He has directed large scale multi-million pound schemes as well as bespoke residential projects. He is a great communicator with the amazing ability to understand the clients’ dreams and make them happen.



Construction Project Manager

Ashil is a Civil Engineer graduated from University of Bristol and has a MSc in Construction Economics and Management from UCL, with experience abroad as a Structural Engineer. Ashil has the special gift of being always prepared for the unexpected, and conveys his confidence and calm to all the people he works with, fellow team members, collaborators and clients.



Construction Project Manager

Marwan is a construction project manager and a UCL educated Civil Engineer, specialised in Environmental Systems and engineering Management, with experience in Dubai and London. Marwan is positive, energetic and supportive, with a great eye for details.



Project Operations and Logistics

Davide is in charge of Operations and Logistics for our projects. He works closely with project and site managers to coordinate activities on-site with everything else: orders, deliveries, special equipment, permits, and more. He is an excellent communicator, he also contributes to marketing, networking and event planning, and makes our days so much easier.



We collect your requirements and understand what you want to achieve. At this very initial stage we are able to identify the best solutions and minimise potential issues in the construction stage


Our partner architects will design the best for you, with deliverables that go from planning permission drawings to detailed layouts and construction drawings to interior and joinery designs


We create a fully itemised scope of work and price every step transparently. We can price through a negotiated tender on our own designs or price based on drawings by a third party designer


Our building sites are managed following Health & Safety and Building Control regulations. We employ reliable and experienced personnel and our project managers perform regular quality checks


When the project is complete, you will receive all the certificates and warranties. We remain fully responsive and helpful for aftercare during the defect liability period

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