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At houseUP we are passionate and dedicated building contractors who deliver the highest quality construction services in London. We cover all areas of London, including North West London,  Chiswick and Hampstead. 

Our in-house team of structural engineers, construction managers and designers, specialise in:

  • alterations on historical buildings that require deep structural impact.
  • extensions and conversions targeted to maximise the value of a property.
  • finishes of the highest quality at the best and cost.

We are forward-thinking in our approach to use construction technology and make use of the following: for an innovative approach to construction, using:

  • digital tools applied to traditional construction
  • a combination of on site and off site construction, based on the requirements and constraints of each project
  • sustainable materials and advanced solutions for high energy efficiency and low running and maintenance costs

We cover all areas of London, including:

  • North West London
  • Chiswick
  • Hampstead


houseUP’s services as a building contractor in London include new builds of all sizes: from family houses to developments with multiple residential units, from blocks of flats to mixed use developments. We deliver using traditional construction techniques and advanced innovative solutions, for example, off site construction of one or multiple modules.

Off-site construction is a good option for:

  • quicker construction time
  • lower impact on the neighbourhood (noise, access etc.)
  • lower cost, especially for multiple units built using the same modules
  • lower environmental impact in terms of materials reduced on site disturbance

Traditional methods are more feasible for:

  • one-unit projects for single houses
  • specific designs, like concrete or steel and glass structures
  • sites where access is difficult for big lorries or cranes
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houseUP and its teams have vast experience in conversions of buildings into residential and mixed purpose developments in London.

Our construction managers have:

  • extensive knowledge of fire, acoustic and thermal insulation applications for the specific use of new units.
  • specific experience in ventilation and air conditioning requirements for developments, including restaurants and commercial kitchens.
  • access to material and finish suppliers, with exclusive discounts for bigger development projects.

Besides the construction itself, houseUP will manage all the associated issues that accompany bigger development projects in London, such as:

  • risk assessments, planning and planning permission, schedule of works, method statements and any other requisite documentation for the project
  • acting as liaison between the local authority, and residents’ committees to manage parking, working hours, occupation areas etc.
  • Health & Safety and Construction Design Management (CDM)
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houseUP provides building contractor services for all types of basement construction in London.

Our internal teams and external contractors have experience and competence in the conversion of existing basement spaces to different uses, for example, cellars into living spaces.

We also perform basement excavations from scratch under existing buildings.

For more information view our basement conversions page.

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Loft conversions in London are amongst the most popular house improvements projects.

As a building contractor, houseUP will manage all planning and construction, including feasibility study. This is based on the structure of the existing building’s legal and regulatory requirements, which include: a party wall agreement, permitted development rights and planning processes, and standard building regulations.

Needless to say, structural, architectural and interior design support will be provided throughout the project.

For more information visit our loft conversions page.

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houseUP building contractors offer unique solutions for house extensions of all types in London.

We have a wealth of experience in rear, side, and wrap around extensions on one or two storeys. As well as detached houses, We also manage house extensions for terraced, end of terrace, and semi-detached houses.

You can find more information on our house extensions in London on our house extension page.

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Our renovation projects aim to improve the homeowner’s lived-in experience and increase the overall performance of a home, its efficiency, and its market value.

As houseUP clients, you will also have access to exclusive Italian manufacturers of kitchens and porcelain tiles making your home an aesthetically enviable one.

To read more about our house renovations in London visit our page on house renovations.

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    We assign one of our in-house structural engineers to each project. This allows us to ensure higher standards in the construction, and pay a particular attention to the structural work.This means we can dynamically prevent, detect and sort out any structural issues as they come up. With our structural onsite optimisation, the findings after the strip out or during the construction won’t cause delays or additional costs to our clients.


    As professional building contractors, houseUP is covered by all the professional insurances needed to carry out all types of construction projects, including professional indemnity insurance for structural optimisation.


    houseUP takes care of all the building regulations and other legal requirements for construction works, including, for example, health and safety documentation and compliance, planning conditions, party wall agreements etc.


    All our in-house project managers are university educated in engineering or architecture and have specific experience working in the UK. Working on building sites since the very start of their careers, they joined houseUP for our innovative and modern approach to construction.


    Finishing is the most visible aspect of a house renovation and makes the greatest impact on the overall satisfaction of clients after a challenging refurbishment project. At houseUP we take pride in our special attention to finishing details, both in choosing materials and in installation. We provide high quality finishing and materials at extremely competitive prices. Thanks to our direct access to leading Italian manufacturers of porcelain tiles and kitchens, we are privileged to higher spec finishes for the budget, or reduced rates for the finishes within the specs.


    As building contractors, we are constantly researching and keeping up to date with the latest construction technology. Attention to our environmental impact, materials life cycle, and energy efficiency are the focus of our innovation roadmap.

    We are known for our structurally challenging projects and we partner with off-site construction companies and specialist architects and designers, to ensure we build with minimal impact on the environment globally and locally.

    Off-site construction can often allow lower budgets and more flexible design and planning options.


    We use digital project management tools in our day-to-day activity, which maintains direct and efficient communication between all the parties involved in our projects. For each project we create a dedicated instance on our houseUP communication platform, to share files, pictures, comments and to exchange immediate feedback on anything regarding the project. The platform allows for a sleek and transparent decision processes and tracking of all the conversations in one place.




houseUP estimates the costing of your project using a scientific approach. You will:

  • get an estimation generated with specialised software and professional supervision.
  • receive a comprehensive quotation that breaks down every single cost detail.
  • be informed of what is and isn’t included in your quote.
  • be able to monitor and review the cost of materials and finishes.
  • benefit from our full no-surprise guarantee on the final cost.
  • Learn 8 interesting facts a good construction estimate takes into account from our Infographic.


Questions and answers

Collected questions that we often hear from you

  • How much will my refurbishment cost? 

    Every good building company will tell you that it is not possible to estimate the cost of refurbishment for a flat or a house before all the details have been defined. But we understand that it is important to have a reference figure before embarking in the process for budgeting purposes.

    We suggest a conservative estimate of £1,750 per square metre as the absolute minimum, and an average of between £2,000 and £3,500 per square metre.

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are details that can impact the cost significantly, the most costly being basement excavations or extensions of existing lower ground spaces; inclusion of very large or high spec glazing; very high energy performance materials.

    Additionally, some finishes can increase costs significantly, like paint, tiles or flooring, especially if the surfaces are very large,.

    In general, kitchens can be installed from as low as a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands, too.

  • How long will my refurbishment take? 

    As per the duration of a project, it cannot be estimated without the full details. If you want to plan ahead, for alternative accommodation for example, we recommend at least:

    For smaller flat refurbishment, approximately 4 to 6 months. For house refurbishment, approximately 6 – 8 months These estimations relate to straightforward refurbishments like loft conversions or rear and side extensions. More complex work like basement excavations can only be estimated with more details, especially if access to the property is a consideration. Composition of the soil etc are also important factors.

  • Can I live at the property during the refurbishment? 

    We always recommend that you arrange for alternative accommodation during the project.

    Some of our clients choose to live at the property during the work, and, of course, we make that possible. However, please be advised that this arrangement comes with a significant increases in stress, cost and duration of the project.

  • I want to do everything with one company, can you do design and refurbishment for me? 

    Yes we can. We partner with the best London architects to create designs that suit you and your needs. We will match you with architects who have specific experience in your area, share your vision and style for your refurbishment project.

    Doing the design and build with us gives you a view and control of the projected costs of your refurbishment from the very first day. You will be able to make well-informed choices for your design while understanding the cost implications and opting for the best solution for your investment.

    Check out our Design & Build page for more information.

  • I have all the drawings ready with my architect, can you do the building works for me? 

    We certainly can! We work with the best architects in London through a tender process, for clients that choose to have the designs for their refurbishment made by an independent architect.

    We can provide quotes in our own very detailed format or in your architect’s preferred format.

  • Do I need planning permission for my refurbishment? 

    You won’t need planning permission for most refurbishment projects. If you are not changing the external appearance of your flat or your house, you won’t need planning permission. In many cases, you can make a loft conversion or a rear/side extension within permitted development rights. You can find all the details on which type of extensions are allowed under permitted development here.

    However, if you are planning to refurbish a listed building, you may need permission.

  • What works make the biggest difference in the final cost of my refurbishment project? 

    Typically excavation to extend or create a basement under an existing property is one of the most expensive types of work in construction. The cost of finishes is another big factor in the final cost of a flat or house refurbishment.

  • I am buying a property, can you help me estimate how much the refurbishment would cost? 

    When you buy a new property, it is very likely that you’ll plan for a refurbishment. You can find some very good deals on the market, where you can buy a property for a good price when it needs some work done.

    By offering an estimation on work to be done, we can help you make the right decision and offer the right price for the potential property.

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