House renovations in London

A house renovation is a great investment for your London home. Renovating your property creates the feeling of living in a new home on a far lower budget, and without all the known hassle associated with moving.

Property value

A home renovation can increase your property’s market value in London. For example, altering the existing layout can add bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom, a larger kitchen or living space. This makes for a better living space  and a more attractive property for  potential buyers. Even if you are planning to rent out, a house renovation can allow a higher weekly rate.

Running and maintenance cost

If renovation includes new insulation materials, windows or boiler, the house maintenance and running costs can be reduced significantly. You can also add  smart  technology to your home, Such as  installing temperature and light sensors, and controllers. By introducing a smart home device like Amazon Alexa or Google Home, you can  use your voice to dim the lights or roll the blinds. You can introduce smart tap technology that starts to fill your bath before you come home from work.. You can upgrade your lighting with dimmers and LED strips, and even install speakers throughout for music and more.


The selected materials and installation quality can make a big difference when renovating your home in London.  Our clients will receive exclusive access to high-quality finishes, sourced directly from Italian manufacturers. Our kitchens and porcelain tiles, in particular, can give a luxury feel to a refurbished house at extremely competitive prices.

Queen's Park Italian Kitchen Solid Oak Flooring Contemporary

What to expect when doing your house renovation with houseUP

In houseUP we can help with all aspects of your house renovation in London.

Design Services

  • Structural design: if you are changing the layout of your home, structural design can be necessary. If you want to remove a load bearing wall or create roof lights, structural works are required. In houseUP we have in-house structural engineers assigned to each house renovation.
  • Interior and architectural design: for your house refurbishment you want to use all the space efficiently. The shape of the rooms is important. The position of each room towards incoming sunlight must also be considered. Having enough storage space and a utility room, for example, are important aspects when planning a house renovation. The layout and orientation of the kitchen and even the choice of colours and materials can make a big difference for a successful home refurbishment. houseUP works with the best architects and interior designers in London to provide their services to our clients at very competitive prices.
  • Finishes and materials: beyond structural and layout alterations, it’s all about finishes when refurbishing a house. Tiles and sanitaryware for the bathroom make a difference to make  a stunning new space. The choice of materials, appliances, tiles and worktop for the kitchen is paramount in making a new space that’s both enjoyable and practical. Windows, doors and other joinery items are important features for a new look and feel of a renovated space. In houseUP we offer our clients the best materials and finishes, directly from the best manufacturers at competitive prices

Construction services

houseUP also takes on house renovations, when you have all the designs ready, made by your own architect and interior designer. For the work execution, we always appoint the right team for each phase of the project.

  • Construction: sometimes a house renovation may require structural and construction work. In houseUP we will choose the right building contractor for this stage, with experience in installing the specific structural requirements. When creating or refurbishing walls, ceilings and flooring, we always have experienced professionals on site.
  • Electrical and plumbing: plumbing and electrical works are crucial to a successful house renovation. It is extremely important to have only trusted and reliable tradespeople. houseUP only employs certified electricians and plumbers who have worked with us on successful past projects.
  • Finishing and decoration: experienced tilers, plasterers, painters, carpenters, joiners and decorators  are as important as the choice of materials. The finishing is very visible  in a renovated home and really makes a real difference to the satisfaction of our clients. Our workers are chosen from past projects, after evaluating their work on similar past projects.
  • Project management: refurbishment works can be disruptive for the life of our clients. The experience during the works is as important as the final results. houseUP always appoints a dedicated project manager to each project. Our project managers  have extensive experience in house renovations in London.

Finishing and materials

Finishing is the most tangible aspect of a house renovation and it’s what will make the big difference in how happy you’ll be with the result of a complete refurbishment project. houseUP has a special attention to finishing details, both in choosing materials and in installation. We provide high quality finishing and materials at extremely competitive prices.

  • Italian porcelain tiles: choosing houseUP you will get direct access to some of the world’s leading manufacturers of porcelain tiles. Large product selection and price ranges always offer plenty of suitable options for all bathroom renovations.The latest production technology and design trends worldwide are available to you at prices that are impossible to find with other contractors in London. Your bathroom renovations will look amazing with a great choice of patterns, colours and textures of tiles. Combined with the perfect light, layout and sanitaryware our Italian porcelain tiles create unique bathrooms tailored to your taste.
  • Italian kitchens: a new kitchen can completely change the look and feel of your home. Finding the right kitchen means finding the combination of style, materials, layout and cost that is perfect for you.  In houseUP we offer different price ranges from a variety of manufacturers and styles.Whatever your choice, you will always get the quality you desire at extremely competitive prices
  • Other finishes: when choosing other finishes like windows, doors, wooden flooring, radiators, light fittings etc houseUP can help you find the right products for you, if you don’t have a preferred supplier. We are also happy to use your chosen finishes suppliers.
  • Installation: even the best finishes will look average if not installed properly. In all our renovation projects we always employ the best installers for stunning results.

Digital platforms

In houseUP we use digital technology to optimise the management of house renovation projects:

  • Emails and direct messaging: our project managers are always available on email, chat and phone. This helps avoid any misalignments and ensures clarity when sharing information. It also helps to get prompt response when time is essential for orders, deliveries, or liaising with authorities and neighbours.
  • Dedicated channel: for each new project we create a dedicated channel on houseUP communication platform. This allows a single, clear, discussion forum for all the decision making. It also makes it easier to search all past conversations. All information is in one place, and all the decisions are taken transparently and timely.

Our house renovation process

1. Free site visit

The first step of all our projects is a site visit. For house renovations, a specialist will come to meet you and view the property.

House renovations have a big impact on quality of life and value of the properties. Coming on site is a necessary step to fully understand all the aspects of the process.

  • Meeting in person: a house renovation is all about your desires and what you want to achieve. A face to face session is the only way to understand your priorities, your requirements, your concerns.
  • Viewing the property: do you live in a Victorian mansion block? a detached house? on a street where parking is not allowed? where is the gas meter, the electrical consumer unit? all these and more details are important things to assess for a house renovation project. Even when technical drawings are already provided, a site visit is the way to learn more about the property.

2. Designing and budgeting

houseUP can support you during the design and planning phase. We work with a network of partner architects and designers specialised in house renovations in London. We are involved from the outset helping design for the budget you have in mind for your house refurbishment


In a house renovation the design must capture your vision and translate it into workable drawings. A good designer will express your requirements in the drawings, even those small details you may  not have been aware of. With house refurbishments it is all about understanding your priorities and what you want to achieve.

  • Space and light: what are the aspects of your life that you want to improve with the renovation
  • Beauty and efficiency: whether you need more storage space, two separate bedrooms for your children who are growing up fast, a new ensuite bathroom for yourself, our designers will help you with the best solutions to achieve your dream house
  • Choice of materials: paint, radiators, tiles, floors, parquet, fitted wardrobes, windows, kitchen cabinets, worktop and appliances. Every choice of material can change the feel of your house after a renovation. Easy maintenance and cleaning, energy efficiency, safety and security are all aspects that our designers will address for your house refurbishment.

3. Free estimation

When you are ready with the specifications for your home renovation, estimation specialists will produce a quotation with a detailed breakdown of all the costs and a schedule of work

A house renovation requires an investment in time, life disruption and money. Having a reliable and transparent quote means that you can have more control. Understanding all the costing means you are able to make all the right decisions.

  • Budget planning: our accurate estimations allow you to plan in advance for all the expenses. We agree on a payment schedule that is feasible for you, according to the size and duration of your house renovation
  • Cost control: our quotes are easy to understand. You will be able to follow the progress on site and the budget consumption at any point during their house renovation

To learn more about our cost estimation process, you can check our infographic on 8 interesting facts that a good construction estimation takes into account.


4. Build

We assign a dedicated project manager for your house renovation, to organise the teams on site, order materials and assist you in every phase of the project.

When your house renovation project is ongoing, there are different aspects our project manager takes into account.

  • Completion in time and on budget: organising all the activities is the main factor for a successful renovation project. Our project managers are competent and experienced in house renovations and ensure they remain fully in control of everything that happens both on  and off site. You will have one dedicated project manager for everything regarding personnel, authorities, neighbours but also materials, deliveries and access
  • Quality of results: our teams work at the highest standards, from the construction to the finishes. Our project managers visit the site regularly, give daily instructions to the working teams and perform frequent quality control checks
  • Prevention of issues: home refurbishments can seem simple, but the smallest details are very important to a successful renovation project. Even with the perfect design and planning, there are always adjustments that are needed along the way. Our teams prevent issues when possible and offer solutions in the quickest time

5. Completion and handover

At the end of a house renovation project, you want to see all the details finished to perfection. Our project managers are there to help after the refurbishment is completed, to make sure even the smallest  elements  are taken care of.

  • Snagging: at the end of your renovation, our project manager will inspect your house with you, to create a snagging list. The list will include all the last details that need to be addressed. A specialised team will take over to follow up on all the items in the snagging list and make sure that all the finishes are finalised to your expectations
  • Warranties and certificates: after your house refurbishment, you will receive all the relevant certificates and warranties. Electrical and gas certificates, windows and doors FENSA certificates, roof guarantee certificates, waterproofing certificates are handed over. Insurance backed guarantees for some of the works may also be required and provided to you at the project handover

Types of house renovations

Kitchen renovation

A kitchen renovation can include many alterations, besides installing a new kitchen. You might want to remove an internal wall to make a larger kitchen, for example. Installing new appliances or changing their arrangement will require wiring and plumbing work. New lighting may also be  part of the requirements.. If you are extending your house to make a larger kitchen, kitchen renovation might be part of your house extension.

Bathroom renovation

For a bathroom renovation you may want to change the arrangements of all the fittings and install new sanitaryware. This will mean new plumbing alterations will be required. Tiling and lighting are almost always renovated when refurbishing a bathroom, with specialist workers involved. Often new bathrooms are created during house renovations, adding an ensuite bathroom to the master bedroom or enlarging a ground floor toilet.

Full house renovation

A full house renovation can include kitchen and bathrooms refurbishment, new flooring, heating, wiring and plumbing and a new boiler. It often includes new windows and doors and plastering and painting of the internal and external walls. New ceilings might be included as well. 

Renovations as part of bigger alterations

A house renovations can be planned as part of an extension project. If you want to extend your property with a basement or loft conversion, a rear or side extension, or all of them, you will want to include a house renovation.. When you perform major alterations, the areas of your house that are not renovated can look unfavourable in contrast with the newly built parts. Plus,  a renovation is convenient in terms of time and cost, if a construction company is already working on an extension or a conversion at your property. Check our service pages on basement conversion, loft conversion and house extension for more information.

Planning requirements

In general, planning is not necessary for house renovations that don’t alter the external appearance and the overall shape of the house.

Planning might be required for anything that impacts the external look. Changing the windows and front doors, altering the facade or the cladding and changing the roof covering are all changes that require checking with the council or other relevant parties.

Average cost

The cost for a house renovation is very much variable, depending on what the project includes. Changing the kitchen will have a higher price than just repainting it.

To calculate a ballpark figure, the average cost of a house renovation starts from £1,500 per sqm including finishes like flooring, kitchen, tiles, sanitary ware. etc. Depending on the type of finishes and the size of the alterations, the cost per sqm can rise substantially.

Our house renovation projects

Two storey rear and side extension in Gants Hill

This big family house in Gants Hill, London, is one of our favourite residential design and build projects. The project included:

  • two storey rear and side extension
  • loft conversion
  • kitchen installation and full renovation
  • 3 new bathrooms fittings
  • wooden flooring, carpet, tiling installation throughout
  • all finishes supply and fit
Full house renovation in Croydon

This house extension in London was part of a bigger project. It’s a two storey side extension, rear extension and full house renovation. The project included a new layout throughout the house, windows, underfloor heating and flooring installation.

Industrial penthouse in London

For this penthouse in Shoreditch we renovated the whole flat, also featuring hand-made details like the copper linings for bookshelves and radiators. HouseUP teams realised all the bespoke details on site

Conversion and refurbishment of 7 mews houses

For this project we converted and completely refurbished a Victorian foundry. We transformed it into 7 mews houses that kept all the original Victorian features, including original king truss posts. The modern Italian kitchens make a stunning contrast with the original elements. The Italian porcelain tiles add a sophisticated touch to the houses.



Gants Hill, North East London

Mike and Vinz were great all throughout the project and helped us achieve what we wanted. They are always available to speak to, and are knowledgable and friendly. The transparency is something I do not think we could have got with most other companies, and for this I am grateful. Thank you guys!”


Croydon, South London

The team was very efficient and completed the project ahead of schedule. During the work they were incredibly supportive.


Shoreditch, London

houseUP came to the rescue to renovate our penthouse in Shoreditch, London, after our first builders did a runner.  They are great guys and trustworthy


Richmond, London

houseUp managed works in our new flat in London, including new kitchen, new bathroom, new tiles, walls paint, sliding doors, installation of wood floors, you name it! all finished in time, always available to give ideas and suggestions and most importantly, very reliable, such a rare find in the construction industry! Thank you!!



houseUP and their teams of subcontractors are a breath of fresh air to the construction market. They are extremely well organised and professional, providing a high end service, with clear and constant communication to clients throughout their projects, not matter how big or small.

Get in touch with us for a chat, a free site visit or a free quotation for your house renovation in London. We can help with design, works, sourcing materials and getting the best finishes for your budget.