Last updated: 22nd March 2022

Infographic – 8 interesting facts a good construction estimate takes into account

What makes construction estimations so tricky?

What is the first step to make sure your project is delivered on time and in budget?
That’s impossible if the initial estimation was wrong!

You don’t want to consider a quote that is too high, for obvious reasons. But a quote that is too low can be worse.

A quote that is too cheap means your builders might leave your project site as soon as they realise they cannot make profit out of it.
In the best case scenario a cheap quote means the builders will cut corners to make ends meet.

Some tiny variables can make a huge difference in the final cost of your project. Find out some facts you have to consider to get your estimation right.

Infographic good construction estimation houseup

You can download our infographic here.

Gen Pagano

Gen is managing director and chief of digital strategy in houseUP, leading the company's business strategy. She comes from the tech start-up industry as a product and marketing chief officer