Women in Construction: London Summit 2018

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Women in Construction: London Summit 2018

The Women in Construction Summit is a ground-breaking conference for women in the construction industry, dedicated to the progression and development of women in this sector.

The Gender Gap In Construction

As women have long been under-represented in the construction industry, the Women in Construction Summit aims to level the playing field, promote women in the industry and drive gender equality to the top of the sector’s agenda; but also, enable the networking needs of the women working in this industry. Indeed, the summit’s ambition is to create a platform that aids in the development and representation of women.

Construction is a major pillar of the UK’s economy, employing around 2.1 million people. But women make up just 11% of this industry and are paid 12% less, on average, than men doing the same job.

Why We Should Care About Gender Equality In Construction

It’s 2018, yet women still face discrimination in many aspects in the industry. Indeed women are side-lined in construction and it’s time to tackle the male-dominated image of the industry.

Gender diversity can help solve today’s biggest issues in construction such as the digital transformation, sustainability and the future impact under Brexit.

A McKinsey January 2015 report found that gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to outperform companies rated in the bottom quartile of diversity.

Companies that embrace gender diversity perform better than those that don’t.

Gender diversity also means diversity of ideas and solutions for a company.

Gender Equality And houseUP

The digital construction company houseUP has been prioritising gender diversity within its team by providing equal opportunities for women and lets them use their talents in the workforce.
Very early on, houseUP realised that gender diversity within the team enables the collective genius of the organization.

As a result, joining a community of like-minded people working across the construction industry and taking part in the discussions on best practices for improving diversity and inclusion was fundamental for the company.

houseUP’s representative Melissa Amouny added: “We need more women leaders and the best way to fight gender inequality is by moving the conversation forward and bringing to light why gender equality is important for everyone, not just women.”

Be inspired and supercharge your career! Join us on the 6th March 2018 at the Women in Construction Summit using our exclusive discount code HOUSEUP15.
houseUP is a construction company that carries out a range of projects for a variety of clients. Plus, designing and developing a multi-purpose digital platform that is based on openness and community development. The company’s digital angle focuses on construction execution, enhanced with machine learning techniques and big data processing.

houseUP is proud partner of the Women in Construction Summit 2018.

Gen Pagano author | houseUPGen Pagano

Gen is managing director and chief of digital strategy at houseUP. She has a background in information security and product management in tech startups.

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