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houseUP is the highest quality refurbishment company in London. We carry out renovation and refurbishment projects in all London areas, of both commercial and residential properties. Our portfolio is constantly growing, and includes flat renovations, house refurbishments, commercial property renovations and luxury property refurbishments in prime locations in London.

Our London refurbishments projects are located in areas like Chiswick, South Kensington, Greenwich, Shoreditch and beyond.

We cover any area in Greater London and within the M25.  We also work outside this area for special projects.

Shoreditch Flat refurbishment Kitchen Before
Shoreditch Flat refurbishment Kitchen After

Our Refurbishment Services

Each refurbishment project is different, and in houseUP you will find the perfect fit for your refurbishment needs.

  • Are you refurbishing a flat or a house?

In a flat refurbishment, the planning of the works requires taking into consideration how the common parts of the building are affected, constraints and requirements for the use of stairs and possibly lifts, if a license to alter is required, how the building management needs to be involved etc.

Usually a house refurbishment is simpler to organise in terms of access and how the neighbours are affected. Often the usage of public space, pavements and public parking is not necessary for a house renovation

  • Are you going to live there or rent it out?

When refurbishing a property to live in, personal taste and style are a big factor in all decisions. Functionality and return on investment are still very important, but emotional attachment of your own home and how you imagine the place of your dreams can be more important.
Quality and durability of the finishes, like the kitchen, the windows, the boiler, the heating system are paramount for homeowners. Also big alterations that require structural work and changes in the layout can be part of a refurbishment for homeowners.

A property refurbishment to rent out should be designed to appeal a wider audience, creating a place where potential tenants can settle and make the place their own. It is also important to identify which details make a difference to potential tenants.
Usually in this case the work are in smaller scale, the finishes are chosen for their nice look and fair quality, and the price can be an important factor, too.

  • Do you want to upgrade it before selling?

Refurbishing a property before selling can be an excellent investment, especially if the work can make a tangible difference for the buyer.
Bigger works that add square footage are regarding in terms of asking price. But also small things can make a difference, as buyers prefer properties ready to live in. Repainting, refreshing the bathrooms and toilets, fix boiler and heating in general are little things that can really make a difference when selling.
It is worth checking with specialist websites like Property Mark to plan for the best touch-ups to sell your property better

  • Do you want to change the layout, add square footage, extend or convert?

Extending a property as part of a refurbishment is often straightforward and is not as expensive as you might think. Loft conversions and rear extensions, for example, are often included in our refurbishment projects, and very often can be made within Permitted Development rights. This means the process and the related paperwork are very lean.
For layout modifications that impact the existing structure of a building, the complexity can go a bit higher and costs go up accordingly. Removing a bearing wall to create a wider living space in a kitchen, for example, adds complexity to a simple rear extension.
Basement conversions and excavations are the most complex option to add square footage to a building, and they are also the most expensive. Basement conversions are a great option when extending above ground is not possible.

Refurbishing a property in London

There are some extra things to take into account when refurbishing a house or a flat in London. In general, the planning and the execution of the works can be a bit more complicated. Usually, construction projects in London are more expensive than the average in England, not only because of the property market and the selling prices, but also because of problems with regulations, permissions and restrictions in general.

Some details you should consider when planning for a refurbishment in London can be, for example:

  • Parking: the cost of space for skips, toilets, vans, heavy deliveries can be very high, becoming higher getting closer to the city centre, and in areas with heavy traffic
  • Access: having enough space for machines, materials, workers is not always a given, especially in areas that are densely built
  • Occupation of public soil: often it is necessary to request permission to occupy the pavement or other public areas, for example for scaffoldings, site offices or skips. This can impact the cost of the project, especially if the duration is several months
  • Congestion charge: if a property is located inside the congestion charge zone, all the vehicles that need to access the site, including all the trades, will be subject to pay the fee. Especially for long projects, this can make a big dent in the project budget

A good contractor with experience will always help you identify those pricing points and plan the financials of your project accordingly

Greenwich House Refurbishment Rear Extension Before
Greenwich House Refurbishment Rear Extension After

Types Of Refurbishment

Full house refurbishment

A full house refurbishment in Central London is a very exciting project to plan and to execute. It is often the opportunity to reconfigure the layout of a house and create new spaces for the family. All options are on the table: increasing the square footage with a loft conversion or a rear extension, creating a kitchen/living space, add an ensuite, or maybe a terrace with a hot water tub. We can help you with all that and more, including planning permission, party wall agreements and any paperwork you will need

Flat refurbishment

For flat refurbishments, we take care of everything with your neighbours, the resident’s association, the management company, your freeholder and everything else that can make a flat refurbishment a bit more complicated to arrange and manage

House refurbishment

If you are planning to refurbish your house, we will provide you with all the options to increase the value of your property and plan the works accordingly. What elements you should refurbish and what you should change or upgrade. We will also advise on how to plan everything, including all the paperwork with the council, the best time of the year to carry out the work, if and when to perform the works in more than one phase.

Refurbish for rental

When you refurbish a property to rent it out, you want to make the best choices to maximise the return on your investment. Choosing the right type of refurbishment, together with materials and finishes, will boost your chances of finding tenants quickly and for a higher rent.

Luxury refurbishment

If you are looking at those special finishes, rare materials, exclusive design pieces for your property refurbishment, you know they need and deserve all the care in the world in handling, installing and protecting while the refurbishment is completed.

Willesden House Refurbishment Dining Before
Willesden House Refurbishment Dining After


When we talk about property refurbishment, there are so many things that you might need.

In some cases we will do everything for you, for example if you contact us when you are still putting ideas together: in this case we would go all the way together, starting from design brief, maybe planning, structural design, choice of material and everything else.

You can also come to us with complete or partial drawings, planning and party wall agreement checked, specifications ready, all lined up to start the work, or maybe only some of those things. You can really pick and mix from the services we offer below.


Architectural Design
Interior Design
Planning Permission
Structural Calcs
Building Control
Party Wall
Health and Safety


Structural and steel work
Damp proofing
Screed and slabs
Plumbing and wiring


Kitchen and bathrooms
Doors, windows and bespoke furniture
Alarm systems
Audio systems
Air conditioning
Chiswick Penthouse Refurbishment Roof Conversion Before_HV
Chiswick Penthouse Refurbishment Roof Conversion After


How much will my refurbishment cost?

Every good building company will tell you that it is not possible to estimate the cost of a flat or a house refurbishment before all the details have been defined. But it is important to have a reference figure so that you can arrange for the needed budget, before embarking in the process.

We suggest to consider £1,250 per square metre as the absolute minimum, with the average spanning between £2,000 and £3,500 per square metre.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are details that can impact the cost significantly: basement excavations or extensions of existing lower ground spaces; very large or high spec glazing; very high energy performance materials.

Some finishes can make a big difference, especially if the surfaces are very large, like paint, tiles, flooring.

Kitchens can go from as low as few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands, too.

How long will my refurbishment take?

As per the duration of a project, it cannot be estimated without the full details. If you want to plan ahead, for alternative accommodation for example, we recommend at least:

  • Light flat refurbishment: 4 to 6 months
  • House refurbishment: 6 – 8 months

This relates to straightforward refurbishments like loft conversions or rear and side extensions. More complex work like basement excavations can only be estimated with more details, especially about access to the property, composition of the soil etc.

Can I live at the property during the refurbishment?

We always recommend that you arrange for an alternative accommodation during the project.

Some of our clients prefer to live in the property during the work and we make it possible. But this arrangement comes with  significant increases in cost and duration of the project.

It also makes the overall experience more stressful.

I want to do everything with one company, can you do design and refurbishment for me?

Yes we can! We partner with the best London architects to create the perfect designs for you. You will work with architects who have experience in your area, are specialised in your favourite style and in your type of refurbishment project.

Doing the design and build with us, you will have control of the projected costs of your refurbishment from the very first day. You will be able to make the best choices for your design understanding the cost implications and opting for the best solution for your investment.

Check out our Design & Build page for more information.

I have all the drawings ready with my architect, can you do the building works for me?

We certainly can! We work with the best architects in London through a tender process, for clients that choose to have the designs for their refurbishment made by an independent architect.

We can provide quotes in our own very detailed format or in your architect’s preferred format.

Do I need planning permission for my refurbishment?

You won’t need planning permission for most refurbishment projects. If you are not changing the external appearance of your flat or your house, you won’t need planning permission, unless you are planning to refurbish a listed building.
In many cases, you can make a loft conversion or a rear/side extension within permitted development rights. You can find all the details on what extensions are allowed under permitted development here.

What works make the biggest difference in the final cost of my refurbishment project?

Typically excavation to extend or create a basement under an existing property is one of the most expensive types of work in construction. The cost of finishes is another big factor in the final cost of a flat or house refurbishment.

I am buying a property, can you help me estimate how much the refurbishment would cost?

When you buy a new property, it is very likely that you’ll plan for a refurbishment. You can find some very good deals on the market, where you can buy a property for a good price when it needs some work done.

We can help you make the right decision and offer the right price, with a ballpark figure for a refurbishment of the property.

Completed London Refurbishment Projects

_A7A9171 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate bespoke kitchen brown chairs pendants

Refurbishment of a penthouse in Aldgate

The full refurbishment of this 100-square-metre flat includes all new glazing with steel frames, a bespoke fitted kitchen with metal coating and a copper finish bath tub in the master bedroom

1100 prime contemporary penthouse Aldgate master bedroom copper bath tub bespoke steel windows

Kate says about us:

I used HouseUP to renovate a flat in Shoreditch whilst I was overseas. I would certainly recommend them as they provide an excellent service and undertook to make the process as pain free as possible for me. They also worked well with my designer.

_A7A7061 Full house extension renovation Willesden pendants white kitchen dining room

House refurbishment in Willesden

The refurbishment of this 240-square-metre house included full refurbishment of the house plus a loft conversion and rear and side extension

_A7A7109 Full house extension renovation Willesden garden view with full house exterior

Sarah says about us:

I would absolutely recommend Vincenzo and the houseUP team. We are delighted with our new family home and I feel like the process was made so much less stressful by using houseUP.

South Kensington Flat Refurbishment Kitchen

Flat Refurbishment in South Kensington

The refurbishment of this 100-square-metre flat included refreshing the bedrooms, new kitchen and new bathroom and full redecoration

SouthKensington Flat Refurbishment Dining Area

Harald says about us:

houseUP did a 4 month complete renovation of our flat in Sth Ken. We were very pleased with their work. All three tenders were similar in price, but houseUP’s was the most comprehensive/detailed which made it easy to evaluate.

Property refurbishment process

Designing your refurbishment

Architectural and Interior Design

Space and storage are the pain points of so many houses and flats in London. That’s why our architects and designers are specialised in refurbishments in London and will always find the best solution for you. With our designs your refurbishment project will maximise the value of your property with the best layout and plenty of storage space.

Finishes and Materials

The results of a house or a flat refurbishment are very different, depending on the finishes you choose. When choosing finishes and materials, our designers understand your taste and what you want to achieve. They will help you find the perfect choice for your expectations and your investment.

When you have your designs ready

Project Management

When you have refurbishment works at your property, the experience doesn’t have to be stressful. Our project managers are trained to eliminate all headaches from the process. You will have a reference person dedicated full time to your refurbishment project, for all your questions and concerns. They will guide you through all the decisions, the timing and the options. Not only do we guarantee that your project will be delivered on time and in budget, but you’ll have a great time from start to finish, enjoying all the steps that bring your dreams to reality.

Building Works

Depending on your requirements, your property refurbishment can include building works, especially if you are changing the layout of your house or flat. You might need to demolish existing walls and build new ones, remove the flooring and replace it, change sanitaryware and the layout of your bathrooms. We always assign the best team for the job, making sure the builders have the right experience for each type of work.

Plumbing and Electrics

Plumbers and electricians are key roles for successful refurbishment projects. Hiring the wrong person can end up in extremely unpleasant consequences. A water leak can always cause serious damage. When you are refurbishing a flat in Central London, that damage can end up costing a lot more, considering the price of the properties and the high value of the content of your neighbours’ flats. We only work with highly experienced plumbers and electricians, vetted by us.


Plastering, painting, coving and skirting can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a newly refurbishment property. Even a job well done can look poor if the final touches are not at a high standard. Our decorators are highly professional and always deliver quality in line with your expectations.


Finishes are another element that can change your property completely. But even the finest materials will look cheap if the installation is not perfectly made. Depending on the type of finishes you choose, for example timber or resin flooring, timber or aluminium windows, glass balustrade, wall paper, we always have specialised personnel for the best results.

Joinery and Bespoke Furniture

Furnishing is the final touch to get the perfect outcome of your refurbishment project. With our in-house workshop  and expert joiners, you can be confident that your bespoke joinery will perfectly fit into every space. You will get those spacious fitted wardrobes and functional kitchens made to measure. Even the quirky spaces of a conversion flat or the smallest corners of original Victorian understairs will look flawless and give you that extra storage space that will make your life so much easier.

Greenwich House Refurbishment Library Before
Greenwich House Refurbishment Library After

Why choose houseUP

For all our refurbishment projects we use both our years of experience as refurbishment contractors in London and our background in digital technologies and financial services.

We commit to selected refurbishment projects with exclusive care

We work on a limited number of refurbishment projects per year, for which we create a fertile collaboration with our clients and their consultants. We only work on projects where our clients’ satisfaction meets our own.

We deliver superior quality of services

We are true professionals and 100% committed to each refurbishment project we take on. We dedicate time and resources to research and understand what our clients want and go above and beyond to deliver.

We communicate effectively, formally and informally, as necessary

Our project managers are always on top of our refurbishment projects in London. We keep in constant communication using email, Whatsapp, Slack and mobile messaging.

We are problem solvers

Being a property refurbishment company in London we know that solving problems is our major talent. Our teams are dedicated advocates for what our clients want and with our competence and experience we make the right things happen every single time.



Richmond, London

houseUP managed works in our new flat, new kitchen, new bathroom, new tiles, walls paint, sliding doors, installation of wood floors, you name it! all finished in time, always available to give ideas and suggestions and most importantly, very reliable! Thank you!!


Shoreditch, London

I used houseUP to renovate a flat in Shoreditch whilst I was overseas. I would certainly recommend them as, whilst expensive, they provide an excellent service and undertook to make the process as pain free as possible for me. They also worked well with my designer.


Chiswick, London

The refurbishment of this 240-square-metre house included full refurbishment of the house plus a loft conversion and rear and side extension


Willesden, London

I would absolutely recommend Vincenzo and the houseUP team. They completed an 8 month full refurbishment/extension of our house at the end of 2019. They managed every detail of the project and did so with such a high level of care – often it felt like they were carrying out works to their own house! They were always available to discuss when needed and kept us in the loop as required (but didn’t over burden us with issues they could easily resolve themselves). We are delighted with our new family home and I feel like the process was made so much less stressful by using houseUP.



Vincenzo came to the rescue after our first builders did a runner. They are great guys and trustworthy, and manage their subcontractors well to ensure a good quality of finish.


South Kensington, London

Vincenzo put together a great team led by a very capable site manager. They used high quality subcontractors for plumbing and electricity. They communicated well and in a timely manner with our project manager regarding issues and problems. They also worked well with the 3rd party MEP engineer and they handled minor issues with neighbours professionally. Works were completed on time (critical due to Covid restrictions) and on budget.

Get in touch with us for a chat, a free site visit or a free quotation for your property refurbishment in London.