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houseUP is a building contractor working all around London and especially in NW. For our design and build projects we partner with the best architect firms in London.  

Our architects are conservation architecture specialists and have long positive records of granted planning permissions in all Hampstead wards.

We can undertake projects of all sizes and levels of complexity. Examples of work we are preparing or already working on in the area are excavating a basement swimming pool under an existing building; merging two flats with a big garden and adding an open air amphitheatre made of Italian marble; design a new layout of a big house, when new requirements on accessibility and mobility come to play.

In our team for the Hampstead projects, we have specialists who are local to the area and have experience with the local authority and the neighbourhoods:

  • Architects, Planners and Interior Designers
  • Structural Engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Professional Builders
  • Specialised Tradespeople

Building Services in Hampstead

  • 01Planning, Design and Interiors 

    North West London and Hampstead in particular are areas were we have been working for many years, establishing trusted partnerships with local architects and designers.

    This means we have the best expertise to deal with council requirements, leveraging the strong relationship built with the local authorities, conservation area committees and residents associations.

    For all the details on our approach for design and build in West London you can visit our Design and Build page.

  • 02Conservation Architecture 

    Historically the Hampstead area has a variety of architectural styles represented, with several sites of interest where the buildings have a completely different character.

    The richness of Hampstead and variety of Hampstead architecture is due to the openness of the Camden council to innovative proposals that are proven to be in line with the council’s guidelines. There are 40 conservation areas in Camden wards, including Hampstead, Parkhill, Redington Frognal, Primrose Hill, St John’s Wood, covering all the wards, like Frognal, Hampstead Town, Haverstock, Highgate.

    Thanks to our knowledge of the planning history, local architecture and conservation areas in West Hampstead, Belsize Park, Frognal and more, we often often manage to obtain planning permission in conservation areas, even when our clients thought it would be impossible.

    Thanks to our deep knowledge of the local vernacular and the composite architecture of each area, our conservation architects are able to develop innovative designs that respect and enhance the local variety of styles and architectures.

    For all the details on our approach for design and build in conservation areas in Hampstead and North West London in general, you can visit our Conservation Architecture page.

  • 03House Renovation 

    Renovating a property in high value areas like West Hampstead, Belsize Park and Kentish town means a great return on investment.

    With a carefully designed renovation, you can increase the value of your property for late sale or to rent it out. Or you can renovate to feel like living in a brand new home without the headaches of finding a new property in areas with very high demand.

    If you want to understand the options for your renovation, including the process and the potential cost, you can find all the info you need at our dedicated house renovation page.

  • 04Flat Refurbishment 

    Flat refurbishments can be more challenging, especially in buildings with access constraints and many residents involved.

    Our knowledge of the Camden council areas, and Hampstead especially, means we can provide a hassle free experience to our clients who want to refurbish their flat.

    We liaise neighbours, residents associations, management companies and freeholders, sorting our everything from party wall agreements, working hours, rubbish removal, method statements etc. I doesn’t matter if your flat is in a 2-apartment building or a 30-dwelling Victorian mansion block, we take care of everything and deliver your project hassle free.

    For more info you can check our page dedicated to property refurbishments.

  • 05Loft Conversion / Roof Development 

    If you live in a house, or even a top floor flat in a lease hold, loft conversions are a great option to add a new bathroom and a bedroom to your property. A roof terrace is also a great solution to have an outdoor space when a garden is not an option. Our clients who live abroad part of the year often choose to develop their roof into a garden, as it can be more secure compared to a house, when the property is often empty.

    Rooftop developments are everywhere in Camden, and you can still be flexible and creative with them, remaining within the planning permission constraints.

    We can help you understand if a loft conversion is possible for your property, with early feasibility studies, even in more difficult case like conservation areas.

    For more details on the types of loft conversions, average costs and more see our page dedicated to loft conversions in London.

  • 06House Extensions 

    If you need a bigger space for your family, or working from home has become harder due to lack of space, an extension is a fantastic option.

    You can make a larger kitchen, adding more living space, or create a quiet corner to work from home, a conservatory to let more light in and more, for virtually infinite options.

    If you are planning to sell or rent out your property, adding space is a very effective way to increase the value of your place, especially in areas of North West London were there is a big demand for new properties on the market.

    We have extensive experience with the planning authorities in all the Camden council and Hampstead in particular, so to design the optimal solution, tailored on your needs and the physical and regulatory constraints.

    Find out more about our house extension approach for your extension in Camden, even if you already have designs and plans from your chosen architect or designer.

  • 07Basement Conversion 

    Basement conversions are an option worth exploring to create additional living space when extending upwards or outwards is not possible.

    Technology and materials have evolved so that a basement is no longer a dark low-ceilinged space. If well designed and properly built, a basement can be used for virtually any purpose in your house, including an open plan kitchen, for example.

    In Hampstead we have examples of fabulous basement pools, or cinema rooms excavated under existing properties, where external alterations to the building was not allowed by the council.

    Planning permissions for basements are relatively easy to obtain, and we are experts in producing all the additional documentation and reports that are required when a basement is excavated under an existing building.

    If you live in Highgate, Hamspead, Belsize Park or anywhere in the Camden Council, we can help you understand if a basement is a feasible option for you. You can find more details on our page dedicated to basements in London.

Our projects in Hampstead 

In this beautiful building site in the Hampstead area, we are working to merge the basement and ground floor flats, including many amazing internal features.

Our projects in Hampstead

Our projects in Hampstead 

Opening onto a surprisingly vast garden, here we will create a music room. The new glass doors will open up onto marble steps that will also function as seating space for the audience.

Our projects in Hampstead

Our projects in Hampstead 

Underfloor heating was installed throughout, while the new flooring is kept in the room to adapt to the temperature and humidity of its final location (acclimatisation)

Our projects in Hampstead

Our projects in Hampstead 

The new timber floor is imported from Europe in extra long planks, that are distressed and stained in the UK, to combine the solidity of engineered timber and the look and feel of antique flooring

Our projects in Hampstead
Local Builders Hampstead, North London

Local Builders Hampstead, North London 

The North West of London has always been a fertile terrain for architecture and public residential plans. As houseUP, we have a special bond with the Camden and Brent boroughs, and we’ll soon open our first high street shop front in the Frognal or Belsize Park ward.

West Hampstead, Haverstock Hill, Parliament Hill are some of our favourite areas in NW3 where we completed flat and house refurbishment projects. Our long and trusted relationship with the planning authorities in Camden is the added benefit for our clients who are thinking of extending or converting their properties in Hampstead.

Ruta at Vita Architecture says about us:

Team that is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Professional, helpful and responsive, with a direct approach to projects. Look forward to continue working together in the future.

houseUP’s Building Process for Hampstead Homes


Site visits are key to really understand all the aspects of the projects, especially your goals. Thanks to our knowledge of the Hampstead area and North West London in general, we can immediately identify all the crucial points to sort out for your project.
Very often we are able to offer you a visit to one of our active construction sites in the Hampstead and the larger Camden area.


For all our projects in Hampstead and neighbouring areas like Belsize Park, Highgate and Golders Green, we assign a specialist designer with local experience.

All our partner architects are RIBA architects and have a track record for successful planning permissions and project design with the Camden council.


After your meeting with a Hampstead based project designer, we will create a design proposal for you, according to your goals and your needs for your property improvement.

The design proposal will include the planning permission with the Camden planning authority, if needed. It’s highly likely that your property is located in one of the 40 conservation area that cover more than 50% of Camden council, like Hampstead, Fitzjohns, Belsize Park or Frognal.

Our specialist conservation architects and heritage consultants can help with the trickiest planning applications, including  ones for listed buildings.


Our partner architects and interior designers will support you in selecting the best materials and finishings for your property in Hampstead, finding the optimal style that combines your taste and the local architectural accents and vernacular.


The pre-construction process crucial for a successful project. Planning permission with the Camden planning authorities is one of many activities, that might include other steps like creating a design and access statement, basement impact assessment etc.

According to the type of property and its location, you might also need one or more party wall agreements in place with your neighbours. If you have a flat, you might need a license to alter from the management of the building or the freeholder, for example.

All the preparation process is handled by our in house team with experience in Hampstead and neighbouring areas.

For each project in the Camden area, including Belsize Park, Primrose Hill and Hampstead, we assign local teams of specialist contractors and an expert project manager, who will bring the project to completion in a hassle free process.


All our projects are carried out at the highest quality standard. At completion, we go over every single detail to make sure even the smallest bit is perfect.

Our completion package includes all the certificates like building control certificate, gas certificate, electrical certificate, plus all the guarantees for crucial parts of the works, like the roof construction and the waterproofing of the basement.

Our retention period starts at completion and covers a few months before the final payments are made to us.

Trade credentials

In North West London we partner with the best architect firms and interior designers specialised in conservation areas and listed buildings.

Our partner architects in Hampstead are all RIBA Chartered and have years of experience with the local authorities, planning and building control officers in Camden council.


Areas we cover

houseUP focuses in West and North West London, covering HampsteadHighgate, Primrose Hill and all the Camden council. We carry out all types of property refurbishments, including extensions, roof developments, house refurbishments, basements and full property renovations.


Questions and answers

Collected questions that we often hear from you

  • Can I live at the property during the refurbishment? 

    We always recommend that you arrange for alternative accommodation during the project.

    Some of our clients choose to live at the property during the work, and, of course, we make that possible. However, please be advised that this arrangement comes with a significant increases in stress, cost and duration of the project.

  • Do I need planning permission for my refurbishment? 

    You won’t need planning permission for most refurbishment projects. If you are not changing the external appearance of your flat or your house, you won’t need planning permission. In many cases, you can make a loft conversion or a rear/side extension within permitted development rights. You can find all the details on which type of extensions are allowed under permitted development here.

    However, if you are planning to refurbish a listed building, you may need permission.

  • How long will my refurbishment take? 

    As per the duration of a project, it cannot be estimated without the full details. If you want to plan ahead, for alternative accommodation for example, we recommend at least:

    For smaller flat refurbishment, approximately 4 to 6 months. For house refurbishment, approximately 6 – 8 months These estimations relate to straightforward refurbishments like loft conversions or rear and side extensions. More complex work like basement excavations can only be estimated with more details, especially if access to the property is a consideration. Composition of the soil etc are also important factors.

  • How much will my refurbishment cost? 

    Every good building company will tell you that it is not possible to estimate the cost of refurbishment for a flat or a house before all the details have been defined. But we understand that it is important to have a reference figure before embarking in the process for budgeting purposes.

    We suggest a conservative estimate of £1,750 per square metre as the absolute minimum, and an average of between £2,000 and £3,500 per square metre.

    However, it’s important to keep in mind that there are details that can impact the cost significantly, the most costly being basement excavations or extensions of existing lower ground spaces; inclusion of very large or high spec glazing; very high energy performance materials.

    Additionally, some finishes can increase costs significantly, like paint, tiles or flooring, especially if the surfaces are very large,.

    In general, kitchens can be installed from as low as a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands, too.

  • I am buying a property, can you help me estimate how much the refurbishment would cost? 

    When you buy a new property, it is very likely that you’ll plan for a refurbishment. You can find some very good deals on the market, where you can buy a property for a good price when it needs some work done.

    By offering an estimation on work to be done, we can help you make the right decision and offer the right price for the potential property.

  • I have all the drawings ready with my architect, can you do the building works for me? 

    We certainly can! We work with the best architects in London through a tender process, for clients that choose to have the designs for their refurbishment made by an independent architect.

    We can provide quotes in our own very detailed format or in your architect’s preferred format.

  • I want to do everything with one company, can you do design and refurbishment for me? 

    Yes we can. We partner with the best London architects to create designs that suit you and your needs. We will match you with architects who have specific experience in your area, share your vision and style for your refurbishment project.

    Doing the design and build with us gives you a view and control of the projected costs of your refurbishment from the very first day. You will be able to make well-informed choices for your design while understanding the cost implications and opting for the best solution for your investment.

    Check out our Design & Build page for more information.

  • What works make the biggest difference in the final cost of my refurbishment project? 

    Typically excavation to extend or create a basement under an existing property is one of the most expensive types of work in construction. The cost of finishes is another big factor in the final cost of a flat or house refurbishment.

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