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As passionate London-based renovation specialists, at houseUP, we understand sentimental attachment to property. 

As passionate London based renovation specialists, at houseUP we understand sentimental attachment to property. Having over 10 years' experience guiding clients through changes to their homes that involve investments of time, money and emotional dedication, we recognise the difficult dilemma when faced with the realisation that you might be outgrowing your living space. Knowing the property market and the instability of the economic landscape over recent years, choosing to move can be a daunting option, if an option at all. As conversion and extension specialists, we can offer bespoke solutions that will maximise your current living space and therefore remove the potential anxiety and upheaval around finding and moving to a new home.

One of the simplest and most cost effective options is a garage conversion. This additional space offers a wealth of opportunities; storage space, a guest annexe, a home office, home gym or studio to name just a few.

A recent survey conducted by the RAC motoring group estimated that 11 million UK homeowners have a garage. However, only approximately 50% of those garages are used to park a car. Even fewer in London. Mostly, the space is used for storing gardening equipment and furniture, DIY tools, bicycles, boots and camping gear.

Imagine how transforming that under-utilised space could enrich your life and add significant value to your property.

The first step to converting your garage

The first step to converting your garage 

We enjoy listening to prospective clients with a vision, be it grand or modest, as well as those who come to us with a blank canvas willing to inspired. So we invite you to take advantage of our initial no-obligation consultation and share your thoughts, or apprehensions, for renovation.

Once your needs and expectations have been discussed, an experienced member of our team will carry out a site visit. During this visit, key information will be gathered such as current structure and foundation, dimensions, and potential for circuitry and plumbing installation. After this step, we aim to provide a plan, a budget and a timeline for the project as quickly as possible.

At this stage if required, we can advise you on any administration, permissions or documentation that might need to be addressed prior to beginning construction work on your garage extension.

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  • 01Our garage conversion services 

    Our aim at houseUP is to provide a useable, liveable space that is complimentary to your property and your style, and we will work closely with you to understand and realise your vision. We want to ensure the finished result is an aesthetically natural extension of your home and meets the expectations you have.

    Most garage spaces are fairly similar in template. They are referred to as 'attached', sharing at least one wall with the property; 'integrated' which is similar to attached in that it is connected to the main structure, but may also have a room or rooms overhead; 'detached' meaning a completely separate structure to the main building.

    It is notable that attached and integrated garage conversions are more straightforward in that they rarely require planning permission. Detached garage conversions can require additional permissions.

    Whatever your departure point, some of the services we offer are:

    • Single garage conversion: The most common choice due to simplicity and cost-efficiency, we consider most appropriate for hobby rooms or downstairs washroom facilities.

    • Double garage conversion: Straightforward and offering more space than a single conversion, ideal for family spaces such as a children's playroom or a dining room.

    • Partial garage conversion: Maintaining some of the original space for car parking or storage. A home gym or office are typical conversions.

    • Detached single or double garage conversion: Minimal disruption to home life, but there are often additional planning requirements. These types of conversions can be transformed into self-contained living spaces.

    One of the most exciting elements of any project is the aesthetic design and at houseUP this is another area in which we excel. You might want to take advantage of our creative talent and technical skill by considering some of the following features for your new structure:

    • single, double or multi-storey design
    • a pitched roof or gable
    • the incorporation of structural glass features
    • sky lights or bi-folding doors
    • exposed brickwork or parquet flooring
    • luxurious Italian finishes

Do you need planning permission for a garage conversion? 

The vast majority of garage conversions do not require planning permission as the work is deemed Permitted Development. In rare cases, such as the property is a listed building or in a conservation area, permission will most likely be necessary. This can be checked and applied for through the local authority. A detached garage may also require permission for change of use.

Do you need planning permission for a garage conversion?

How much does it cost to convert a garage? 

We approach each project as unique as every client has individual needs, expectations and vision for their extension. Therefore, the total cost of a conversion is determined based on a number of factors:

  • the specifications of the current structure; e.g. single or double garage
  • the condition of the existing structure
  • the foundations of the existing structure
  • complexity of changes to the structure i.e. single storey to double storey
  • the intended purpose of the finished conversion
  • removal/ insertion of walls, doors and windows
  • utilities
  • insulation
  • flooring
  • soundproofing
  • quality of materials
  • specialist features, i.e. structural glass
  • specialist fees, contractor fees and building regulation applications

**A considered budget for a garage extension in London would be approximately £1500/m2 to £2000/m2, or approximately £20,000 for a single garage conversion or £30,000 for a double garage conversion. **Italic

While the initial investment may seem daunting, it is widely agreed that converting a garage can add an average value of 10% to your property.

The intended purpose of the new space is one of the main aspects that will influence the budget. For example, converting a garage into a bedroom or bathroom will be nearer the top end of a budget compared to a games room, office or home gym conversion.

How much does it cost to convert a garage?
The next step to converting your garage

The next step to converting your garage 

We would be delighted to hear your suggestions for transforming your garage space into a slice of luxury, or offer guidance and creative suggestions from the initial stages of conception. As garage conversion specialists, we can offer experience and expert guidance from design to permissions and regulations, from construction to finishes, while committing to using the highest quality materials within your budget.

So whether you are faced with the unpalatable decision to move or renovate, or whether you are looking to maximise under-utilised space refresh that section of your home, contact us without obligation to discuss your bespoke garage conversion project.


Questions and answers

Collected questions that we often hear from you

  • Is it a good idea to convert a garage? 

    We have no hesitation in answering 'yes'. Aside from the added value to your property, it offers freedom in terms of physical space and breathing space. With so many potential options for this additional room, the possibilities are without limit; the functional extra bedroom or downstairs cloakroom to something more individual and unique such as a potting and plant shed, or a room specifically designed for furry family members; a dog room.

    Due to a lower impact on home life, converting your garage rather than your loft is immediately a more digestible option. Depending on size and complexity, garage conversions are significantly less expensive than loft conversions. Average estimates suggest a single garage conversion will cost approximately £10,000 less than a fairly straightforward, low end budget loft conversion.

  • Does a garage conversion need a foundation? 

    This will depend on two factors; first, the area of existing foundation; and second, whether your design is a single or two-storey conversion.

    If you are planning to replace the garage door opening with a wall then you will need to ensure there is adequate base support for that, i.e. that the area of the original foundations extend beyond the opening. In the second instance, you will need to ensure there will be sufficient support for the additional pressure exerted by a second storey. One of our specialists will be able to advise on this.

  • Can you convert a garage without building regulations? 

    In order to create a safe, comfortable and habitable space, certain building regulations will be adhered to.

    Key aspects for regulation are: fire safety, acoustics, thermal performance and ventilation.

  • Do you need a structural engineer for a garage conversion? 

    A structural engineer is required when structural alterations are made. In the case of a garage conversion one might be needed to assess any structural weaknesses to the foundations of your garage, or when planning additional storeys. Depending on your design and our advice, we may call upon one of our expert partners to inspect and provide solutions.

  • What is a partial garage conversion? 

    A partial garage conversion is an excellent compromise. In most cases, the front part of the garage remains unaltered and is used as a parking space while the area behind is converted for the new purpose.

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