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At houseUP we are committed to providing high-performance soundproofing solutions. With 10 years' experience, we have encountered a variety of sound issues in both residential and commercial properties alike, and provided solutions that have not only eliminated unwelcome noises, but maintained the character and enhanced the aesthetics of the environments. 

Sound that invades from above is known as impact noise. Typically, they come from overhead neighbours or upstairs rooms within your own property. They might be; doors closing, heavy footfall, furniture being moved, dance practice. In order to reduce or eliminate these types of sound, you might consider options for ceiling soundproofing systems.

In a commercial setting, ceiling soundproofing is often required to prevent reverberation. This is a form of acoustic noise. Imagine a sudden buzz of feedback echoing through a conference hall during a presentation and how that might effect the sense of the host's professionalism and attention to detail.

As well as offering standard soundproofing ceiling systems, such as clip or hanger systems or using acoustic panels, we can completely replace the existing ceiling or design an entirely bespoke system that addresses your specific needs and that of your property. At houseUP, we relish the opportunity to work in unusual spaces and genuinely enjoy finding solutions to the challenges they present.

Impact noise and airborne noise

Impact noise and airborne noise 

The key to effective ceiling soundproofing depends on identifying the type of unwanted sound and its source. During a consultation, we should be able to help identify whether the bothersome sounds you are experiencing are impact or airborne.

Airborne noise is a sound wave that travels through the air. For example; the sound of talking, a dog barking, music playing. Whereas impact noise is a sound wave that travels through a solid structure. For example; a ball bouncing, a door slamming, footsteps.

With explicit reference to soundproofing ceilings in order to prevent either airborne or impact sounds escaping or entering, there are a number of approaches. Broadly speaking, airborne noise is reduced by adding mass and density to the ceiling to obstruct the passage of sound. Whereas, to minimise impact noise, materials that absorb or dampen sound can be added to the ceiling, or a process known as de-coupling, i.e. separating the ceiling, can be employed.

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Our ceiling soundproofing services

Our ceiling soundproofing services 

Ceilings come in all forms, shapes and sizes, residential, commercial and industrial. Be they simple standard high or low ceilings, or more architecturally inspiring such as vaulted, domed or glazed, we believe, and have proven, that each and every type can be effectively soundproofed whilst maintaining style and integrity.

Similar to the principles and methods used to soundproof a floor, we will most likely use layering to obstruct and absorb sound. Where floor soundproofing is generally to prevent acoustic noise, ceiling soundproofing has to be effective in minimising impact noise too. Therefore, more systems options are available and to varying degrees of expense and efficacy. Some systems we might propose are:

Clip systems - clips attach to existing joists and a new ceiling is attached to the clips. Some height to the original ceiling is sacrificed. Hanger systems - similar to the clip system, but more affordable due to greater ceiling height loss. Resilient bars - the existing ceiling is removed and replaced using resilient bars. This offers the most slender solution. Acoustic panels - the least intrusive system to install, but serves only to reduce unwanted sound rather than eliminate it. Additionally, acoustic panels can be used to aesthetically characterise a space easily. Independent ceiling - an entirely new ceiling is constructed using a combination of acoustic -absorbing materials i.e. mineral wool, deflective materials i.e. plasterboard, and installing resilient bars. Unarguably, the ultimate solution.

The above list is far from exhaustive and the most appropriate will be determined after an in depth consultation and thorough inspection of the property.

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    Soundproofing ceilings in flats 

    It is perhaps unsurprising that one third of the UK's noise complaints originate in London, according to a 2022 home insurance survey. Londoners live in very close proximity to their neighbours on both sides, above and below; they live around-the-clock lifestyles and schedules; and often in buildings that when constructed, did not have to counter the modern city sounds.

    It may be that your neighbours aren't particularly loud even, but due to the original structure and construction materials used every sound above is amplified; a light footfall becomes a stampede, a door being pulled to, a cacophonous slam. Simple, everyday noises such as these can, over time, become draining and exhausting to live with. However, with our solutions, there is no need.

    Soundproofing ceilings in flats

    How effective is ceiling soundproofing? 

    Soundproofing a ceiling can dramatically reduce both airborne and impact sounds when the appropriate solutions are applied. We can provide a range of options depending on your budget and how high a performance you require. However, for a significant resistance to sound it is worth investing in a top quality and complex system that is not restricted to a single ceiling.

    How effective is ceiling soundproofing?
    The next step to soundproofing your ceiling

    The next step to soundproofing your ceiling 

    We aim is to identify the routes that allow acoustic disturbances into your home and eliminate them with minimal impact on your day-to-day life. Let us put an end to the intrusive sound of overhead dance practice, neighbours' dinner party discussions and the continuous open and shut of kitchen cupboards, returning your home to the tranquil retreat you want it to be.

    For a bespoke plan and project, that considers your budget while maintaining quality, simply contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We are ready to guide you through your soundproofing journey.


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