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Over our 10 years' of providing soundproofing solutions in London, we have encountered a variety of acoustic issues in a diverse range of buildings. So we are confident that any problem presented we can overcome compassionately, effectively, and with finesse.  

With approximately two-thirds of the population in London living in flats, it's unsurprising that floor soundproofing is one of our most requested services. As well as preventing unwanted sounds entering your home, it prevents sound exiting your home and intruding on others' living space.

For single floor properties, some complaints that lead to soundproofing enquiries tend to be; over enthusiastic sports fans, thumping bass lines, vacuuming, and raised voices. If you are experiencing any of these from above, it is highly likely the people below are experiencing the same disturbance from you. Not only will soundproofing bring you greater peace, it will make you a considerate neighbour.

For duplex, or multi-floor properties, reasons for installing floor soundproofing might be to insulate an office or music practice room. Or perhaps so you can turn the TV up a notch or two in the evening while the children are sleeping upstairs. Or to contain the thrilled shrieks of your over-excited gamer child.

The first step to soundproofing your floor

The first step to soundproofing your floor 

We invite you to take advantage of our initial no-obligation consultation. Once your needs have been discussed, an experienced member of our team will carry out a site visit. Key information will be gathered during the visit so suitable floor soundproofing solutions can be determined. After this step, we aim to provide a plan, a budget and a timeline for the project as quickly as possible.

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Floor soundproofing services

Floor soundproofing services 

Underfloor soundproofing can be installed for all types of flooring; solid or suspended, wooden or concrete, etc. The service we provide will depend on the following:

  • level to which you wish sound to be either reduced or completely eliminated
  • the existing flooring structure
  • how high you are comfortable having floor raised, if at all
  • what your budget will allow

Essentially, our installation solution will involve using a combination of soundproofing materials to layer beneath or between the floors. These layers may include some of the following materials:

  • acoustic insulation, i.e. mineral wool (under floor)
  • isolation membrane, or acoustic mat (under floor)
  • insulation boards, i.e. SBx boards (over and/or under floor)
  • insulation membranes (over and/or under floor)
  • finishing boards (over floor)
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How much does it cost to soundproof a floor?

How much does it cost to soundproof a floor? 

Each project we embark on is treated as unique. Considerations for determining cost are: the size of the area to be soundproofed, the cost and quality of materials to be used, and the complexity of the work.

While we can offer options to suit every budget, it is worth noting that the best results will be achieved by employing the most intricate methods of installation and using the materials that have been proven to be the most effective. Although it can be costly initially, it is an investment in your future peace and privacy.

Our soundproofing experts will take you through each option, without pressure, to find the most suitable for your needs and your property.

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    Soundproofing between floors in flats - Before 

    Soundproofing between flats in London is a specialist area for us. One of our proudest achievements being a project within the mansion block, Coleherne Court, a period property in South West London. In this case, we were required to completely rebuild the floors to prevent any transmission of sound from within or from outside the flat. Nowadays, there are strict stipulations regarding sound transmission and decibel level and we work closely with independent sound testers to ensure levels are respected and within the restrictions.

    Soundproofing between floors in flats - Before

    Soundproofing between floors in flats - After 

    Soundproofing floors between flats can present very specific challenges. First of all, the impact of the renovation on neighbours. Although the longterm benefits of underfloor soundproofing will also be in their favour, they might not appreciate any short term disruptions. Secondly, and more technically, existing plumbing works, electrical cables and structural supports need to be accommodated for. This can add complexity to the project and requires skill and expertise.

    Soundproofing between floors in flats - After
    The next step to soundproofing your floor

    The next step to soundproofing your floor 

    Our aim is to quickly establish the routes that allow acoustic disturbances into your home and eliminate them with minimal impact on your day-to-day life. Let us put an end to the bothersome sounds of toy vehicles racing, or the toilet flushing, or help you be a better overhead neighbour by softening the sound of your own footfall.

    For a bespoke plan and project, that considers your budget while maintaining quality, simply contact us for a no-obligation consultation. We are ready to guide you through your renovation journey.


    Questions and answers

    Collected questions that we often hear from you

    • Can I live at the property during the refurbishment? 

      We always recommend that you arrange for alternative accommodation during the project.

      Some of our clients choose to live at the property during the work, and, of course, we make that possible. However, please be advised that this arrangement comes with a significant increases in stress, cost and duration of the project.

    • Can you convert a garage without building regulations? 

      In order to create a safe, comfortable and habitable space, certain building regulations will be adhered to.

      Key aspects for regulation are: fire safety, acoustics, thermal performance and ventilation.

    • Do I need planning permission for my refurbishment? 

      You won’t need planning permission for most refurbishment projects. If you are not changing the external appearance of your flat or your house, you won’t need planning permission. In many cases, you can make a loft conversion or a rear/side extension within permitted development rights. You can find all the details on which type of extensions are allowed under permitted development here.

      However, if you are planning to refurbish a listed building, you may need permission.

    • Do you need a structural engineer for a garage conversion? 

      A structural engineer is required when structural alterations are made. In the case of a garage conversion one might be needed to assess any structural weaknesses to the foundations of your garage, or when planning additional storeys. Depending on your design and our advice, we may call upon one of our expert partners to inspect and provide solutions.

    • Does a garage conversion need a foundation? 

      This will depend on two factors; first, the area of existing foundation; and second, whether your design is a single or two-storey conversion.

      If you are planning to replace the garage door opening with a wall then you will need to ensure there is adequate base support for that, i.e. that the area of the original foundations extend beyond the opening. In the second instance, you will need to ensure there will be sufficient support for the additional pressure exerted by a second storey. One of our specialists will be able to advise on this.

    • How Much Do Sash Windows Installation Cost? 

      Whether you are planning to install sash windows for the first time, replace existing sashes, repair or refurbish, one of our expert team will pay a site visit in order to make an assessment to better provide you with an accurate quote. All our projects are viewed as bespoke and are therefore, priced on an individual basis.

      Some of the factors we will assess are:

      • size of the window; height and width
      • type of window and complexity; box, bay or more uniquely shaped, i.e. arched, or swept head, and the number of panes desired materials; timber, uPVC, aluminium; timber is usually the most expensive and uPVC the least
      • type of finishes; i.e. decorative horns and fasteners
      • glazing; double, single, triple, secondary etc.
      • draught-proofing
      • number of windows requiring replacement throughout the property accessibility

      As an average guideline, we can suggest that replacing a simple (in terms of design), average-sized, double-glazed, timber sash window in London will cost approximately £1500.

    • How Much Do Sash Windows Refurbishment Cost? 

      If your property is already blessed with sash windows, a more affordable option might be either restoration or refurbishment. This could involve stripping back paint, replacing or restoring rotting wood, and replacing sash cords and hardware. If required, installing double-glazing and adding draught-proofing can also be included. Depending on the amount of work necessary, costing begins at approximately £500.

      Although the initial outlay involved in window replacement or restoration may seem daunting, it is worth remembering that improved glazing and draught-proofing can improve household energy efficiency and therefore lower energy consumption and associated costs.

    • How long will my refurbishment take? 

      As per the duration of a project, it cannot be estimated without the full details. If you want to plan ahead, for alternative accommodation for example, we recommend at least:

      For smaller flat refurbishment, approximately 4 to 6 months. For house refurbishment, approximately 6 – 8 months These estimations relate to straightforward refurbishments like loft conversions or rear and side extensions. More complex work like basement excavations can only be estimated with more details, especially if access to the property is a consideration. Composition of the soil etc are also important factors.

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